Saturday, 5:27pm

Photo by Vanee

The house shakes from the spin
cycle of our washing machine.
I’m perched on the edge
of my chair like I’m not
staying long.

The boys’ conversation drifts
from the other room, back
and forth, between
and camaraderie.

I exhale. There’s tension
in my shoulders
from a day that hasn’t been
bad and hasn’t been what I’d hoped.
I think of someone and smile.

I think of someone else
and furrow my brow.
I look out at the sunshiny day
that I spent in the car, running
errands for my eldest boy.

Driving through depressing canyons
of concrete, burning
fossil fuels into the hot day
on the way to stores that make
me feel shame to enter them.

My breath is quick and shallow
from too many people
and too many questions.
I long for quiet trees and tall
air and clean quiet.

I tried for that earlier today,
but others needing that too, crowded
foothill trailheads with streams
of chatter and laughter that
I need to forget to appreciate again.




Artist ( / Musician (VNE) / Writer in Boulder, CO.

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Artist ( / Musician (VNE) / Writer in Boulder, CO.

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