Between Humans

Photo by Vanee

I savor their repose
in dusty darkness, before
lifting their window shade to
partner with the light

inviting them to the good
morning, while wondering
if it will be, once they slide
out of covers into roles.

The sound of drawers
moving in and out to
find the favorite
shirt and a matched sock

are making too much noise
for the reluctant brother
curled in the top bunk
who showers down

criticisms about what is
“always” done and why,
to start the predicted row over
nothing and everything.

We gather at the break-
fast table with hot
tears from the not-so-little one, cold
scowls from the not-so-big one,

a heavy sigh from me,
scouring recipes for
peace between




Artist ( / Musician (VNE) / Writer in Boulder, CO.

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Artist ( / Musician (VNE) / Writer in Boulder, CO.

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